Michel Paquin

eCommerce Solution Specialist

During the last 17 years as the owner of different companies, I have lead teams that develop, sale, implement, adapt and maintain SaaS and eCommerce softwares. I think that my particular experiences will give your team an edge and a strategic advantage. I have a global vision on all the process of online selling and shopping carts from design to identifying problems and the steps to fix them. I have leadership and I help my team members using what they are best at to increase overall productivity.*********************** What I like most is to talk with the client about their business plan, how they imagine their ideal online sale process. Then create a unique eCommerce solution design specifically for them.*********************** Following a desire to change my lifestyle, I sold my businesses. I now want to take on new challenges by bringing my experience and expertise to a growing company.

Candiac, QC., Canada |