Product Manager

Optimizing processes to ease life of costumers

During the last 17 years as the owner of different online companies, I led teams that develop, sale, implement, adapt and maintain SaaS, eCommerce softwares and VoIP phone systems. I think that my particular experiences will give your team an edge and a strategic advantage. I have a global vision of all the internet processes underlying transactions between Cloud softwares and the user experience. I excel as a “Solution Specialist”. __________ Since 2002, I have optimized processes and increase ROI of hundreds of my customers using different SaaS and eCommerce softwares. __________ Fluent in French and English. __________ Objective: Leading and managing an important department of problem solvers. Fluent in French and English

Things I Can Do

Optimize processes and implement features to help customers love your business.

A Few Accomplishments

Optimized the processes and sale funnel of to increase direct online ordering to reach the ratio of 65% compare 7% in 2011. __________ Launch a successful free demo test with clients with ZoomiTel's MVP, which led to the release of ZoomiTel's SnowBird telephony package. __________ Placed website on first page of google search for 8 years with innovative 'in site' SEO. That pushed our growth between 25% to 35% per year for 8 years with no publicity investments. __________ Understanding the need of 38% of CreateurWeb clients, my teams implemented our shopping cart to sell prefabricated mini websites and eCommerce that client can self-manage. __________ Following the request of a client of CreateurWeb, we surveyed real estate brokers. I led my team to create, develop, program and market a SaaS software for real estate brokers. It had daily distant connections and automated update with the Centris database. Our new real estate brokers clients didn't had to update their web site, it was then fully automated.